Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yeah, so between a bathroom remodel, wedding, and the internet being down there was no Faith Friday.  Not good.  But I got a lot of inspiration so I'm just going to do it late.  No, this is not a post about love, it's a post about my bathroom.

We aren't doing a total bathroom remodel it's too expensive.  We got a new bathtub.  This makes me very happy for many reasons.  Our "old" bathtub (circa 2006) had a few problems.  It was a beautiful oval garden tub 42 inches wide with jets.  Heaven on earth.

Then we moved in and learned a few things.  This jaw dropping jetted tub is also our shower.  This means that every time you take a shower (be sure to put it back) water collects in and around the jets.  Cue the mold, mildew, and other unidentifiable growths.  It didn't take long before it was filthy.  I only use it right after I clean it.  Eventually though I didn't want to use it even after I cleaned it because who knows what could be growing in the tubing and entering my bathwater.  The thought makes me shudder!  Another thing we learned was that apparently the bathtub was not installed correctly.  Within months our tub had hairline cracks because the tub was not fully supported by the floor the way it should be.  Not good.  This could lead to bigger cracks and possibly water leaking into the wall and floor.

These are not things you can see on the surface.  The builder covered up cruddy work with a beautiful tub.  I can clean the surface of the tub but not the tubing inside.  However much I tried to cover up the ugliness it's still deep inside and it bubbles back up to the surface and was an eyesore

Don't worry there was a point to all of that.

Matthew 12:34
You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

No matter how clean and beautiful a person may look sin on the inside can outweigh the good looks and make people turn away in disgust.

Just like with my bathroom, getting rid of the ugly thoughts on the inside is difficult and can take a lot of work.  However when you go through that process the final product always looks better than the original.

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