Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Phat Girls vs. the Jolly Joggers

Melissa and I are avid walkers. And by 'avid' I mean that we have managed to pull our lazy rear ends out of bed at 6am to go walking- 3 days in a row! Being as this is the beginning of our summer vacation and we both have small children, this is no small feat!

So, imagine our surprise when this morning we ran- walked- into joggers. Not just any joggers either. These were superhuman joggers with the super power of talking. Talking! While jogging! Everyone knows this is physically impossible. Just look at Melissa and I. We can barely puff out 2 sentences together and we are merely walking.

If you're on Pinterest, you've seen this picture. It was linked to {THIS} website.

With this picture of runners/ joggers in my mind, imagine my surprise when the joggers we came across looked similar to Malibu Barbie and her sister Skipper. (only clothed)

Did this deter Melissa and I? NO!
Did this cause us to break down and cry uncontrollably? CERTAINLY NOT! (Well, not for very long)

If anything, this simply gave us the motivation we needed! We Phat Girls don't need to be perky and cheerful to be fit! A simple brush of our teeth, a decent sports bra, and some comfortable shoes are all we require! (And thank goodness for that. It would kill me to be perky in the morning)

So, TAKE THAT, Jolly Joggers! The Phat Girls will see you again tomorrow!

** On another note, I don't know if it's the endorphins talking, or just the righteous anger, but I swear my thighs didn't rub each other as much today! Progress!**


  1. They really were that blond!!! They jogged up the BIG hill, too!!

  2. Hilarious :) Thanks for the motivation to be myself.