Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coloring Pasta- made easy!

It looks like today is going to be a colorful day! Melissa posted about dying clothes pins and I'm coloring pasta!

I'm doing summer school activities with my kids, so thing have to be colorful and fun. Where can I find such activities? Pinterest! I have a whole list of activities that are going to be fun and educational this summer.

Pinterest link- {HERE
Science connection- making solutions/ creating colors
Skills- patterns/ sorting/ hand-eye coordination

What we used:
Pasta- Ditalini works best (1 cup per bag)
Rubbing alcohol (2tbs per bag)
Food coloring (3-4 drops per bag)
Sandwich bags (1 bag per color)
measuring cup/ spoon
cookie sheet to dry pasta 
(I covered mine with aluminum foil first)

When I was shopping for supplies, I stopped at the Dollar Store and picked these up.

 Aprons for the kiddos and a cheap tablecloth. I will have to go back to Walmart to get a $3.88 tablecloth since the cheap one was just that- cheap.

Ready for action!

Step 1- Mix 2 tbs of rubbing alcohol and 3-4 drops of food coloring in a baggie.
Step 2- Add 1 cup pasta into the baggie. Shake baggie until the pasta is fully coated.

The Kid noticed that the pasta didn't turn blue the way he wanted. We talked about how yellow pasta + blue food coloring = green pasta! Next time we will put in more blue coloring to see if that helps. Don't worry, The Kid was fine with the outcome!

Step 3- Spread pasta on a cookie sheet to dry.
I used some small disposable cookie sheets that we had around the house. My hubby uses them when he gardens, so I covered them in aluminum foil so he could use them again.

Step 4- Allow pasta to dry.
The blog recommended at least an hour, she let hers dry overnight. I let it dry during lunch and nap time.

Not bad for a first try! I have plenty of uses for this pasta!

You can use this for:
1. art projects- my kids love to glue!
2. making jewelry
3. sorting activities- talk about attributes (color, shape, size), link into using adjectives
4. making patterns
5. hand-eye- coordination- using string, yarn, or pipe cleaners

Let us know if you think of more awesome ideas!

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