Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dye-ing to do it again...

I went out and bought more cloths pins today.

The dye and I are going to have another go at it.  Previously my evil plan was almost thwarted when I discovered that the directions on RIT's website had changed in the middle of the page from 2 cups to 2 quarts of hot water.  I ended up with some very, very dark blue cloths pins.  Today I thought I would try to follow the same directions using 2 quarts of hot water instead of 2 cups using my 2nd pack of dye called "pearl gray."  Here are all of my supplies laid out and ready to go:

I followed my new direction and dumped my cloths pins in.

So far, so good.  They didn't automatically turn a really dark shade like yesterday's did.  The directions on the website say to let it soak for 10-20 minutes.  After about 2 minutes my cloths pins looked like this:

I let them soak for a few more minutes, but I'm really starting to wonder if they even tried to do this before they posted about it.  I fished my cloths pins out with a plastic fork and put them on the cardboard to dry.  Yes, I know I used a plastic bag yesterday.  There is nothing wrong with using a plastic bag, this cardboard just happened to be on its way out the door anyway.

This is not what I would call "pearl gray."  So what I've learned from this is that when the website says 10-20 minutes they don't mean for you to go off and do something else.  What they mean is "hey don't even blink or else!"  So here's the pro's and con's of dyeing cloths pins.

-Don't have to take the cloths pins apart
-Doesn't take long at all to actually do it (15 minutes from start to finished, plus drying time)
-Cloths pins are really pretty

-Can't multitask while you wait for them to pick up the dye
-I wasted lots of dye that you can reuse again and again because I worry about it spilling and ruining other things
-Cost, for some people this is the biggie.  Each box of dye runs $2-3.  That's lots more than craft paint.

I will be dyeing cloths pins more but probably won't post about each color.  Check back later to see what I do with my pretty cloths pins!

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