Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crock pot Apple Cobbler Cake

I found a recipe for a 3 ingredient Apple Dump Cake, and decided to tweak the recipe a little.

1 box yellow cake mix
2 cans apple pie filling 
(or fruit filling of your choice)
1 Cup quick oats
Brown sugar 
(I didn't measure it out. Just a few crumbles)
1 stick of butter *not pictured*
*crock pot liner
*cooking spray

1. Crock pot liner- spray it down!

2. Empty 1 can of apple filling and spread on the bottom

3. Spread the box of cake mix over the pie filling

4. Empty the second can of apple pie filling- spread

5. Spread 1 cup of quick pats

6. Few sprinkles of brown sugar

7. Place 1 stick of butter on top of it all

8. Cook for 4 hours

No, it's not the prettiest, but it tastes like Heaven! Unfortunately, I didn't have regular vanilla ice cream, but everything tastes good with chocolate marble!

Since it has fruit and oats, I'm planning on passing this off as my breakfast tomorrow. It's legit, right?

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