Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Garden Girls!

Long time, no post! Sorry 'bout that. Melissa and I (Jocelyn) will do better. Since we are both working teacher-moms, it's hard to post during the school year.

Well, it's break time now and Melissa and I are starting to think about our gardens for next year. My Darling Hubby has built a wonderful gardening world in our back yard, and Melissa will be starting her own. Let me show you some pictures from this past summer.

 The Boy playing hide-and-seek in the corn

 The Girl showing off her balance- notice the nice gardening beds Hubby made in the background

 Hubby showing off his plants to my parents

The Girl showing off her flowers. We harvested the seeds off these sunflowers once they were done growing. We could have a field of them this year. (but we won't) I'll have to find directions on how to properly roast sunflower seeds. Hmmm....

Now I have no idea what all Hubby planted in his garden. I know that there were 7 varieties of tomatoes alone. I also know we still have okra in abundance in our freezer. If you'd like to know a little more about our garden, feel free to check out my Hubby's gardening blog.

We currently have around 30 garden beds on our backyard and I believe Hubby has plans to build 5-7 more this year, then he'll be done building. (There won't be any more room)
We have our own compost pile that we use, along with a worm farm that if thriving. (We use the worms for their poop, you know. Our worms are excellent poopers.)

Hubby is currently looking into buying a pressure canner off Amazon for this year's crop. Unfortunately, we had so many tomatoes this season, and so little time to can them, that around 60% went wasted. With a pressure canner, this should not be a problem this upcoming season. Until now, Hubby was having to can the old fashioned way- big boiling pot of water. It took forever.

My New Year's Resolution is to be more supportive of the garden. I don't plan on turning the compost pile anytime soon, but I will help water, weed, pick, and prepare- more than I did this previous season. To help ensure my dedication, Hubby has allowed me to have ONE WHOLE BED for my very own. That's right! 1/30 of the garden will be mine, all mine!
That's a lot of pressure... and power. Oh, how I love power.

Mo original plan was to find the most obscure vegetable seed on the Internet and order it, just to drive Hubby crazy. Little did I know, I would find this fabulous website while I was searching:

They have a wonderful selection of seeds for anything you'd want or need in order to have a thriving garden here in the U.S. I looked all over their site and what did I see, on the last page of their Seed Mixes selection?
Seeds for Kids of All Ages!! It's a collection of seeds. Just that! You don't know what's in it! It's like a vegetable pinata! Some veggies, some flowers, possible a fruit thrown in for good measure. Who knows!
Is this awesome? Yes! 
Will it drive Hubby nuts? Absolutely!
 Do I need it? Of course! 
I bought 4 packets- they're just .50!
Melissa got in on the action and selected the hummingbird packet. The whole transaction only cost $7 and that included shipping! This is my new favorite site. Ever.

So, watch out World! There's a new gardener in town and she's ready for action!

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