Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Product Review: Awesomunch (Munch of Fun)

Welcome back to another Munch of Fun product review! To say that my kids were excited about opening another Special Box would be an understatement. When I told them that the living room had to be clean for them to open the Box, they ran around like crazies to get things clean. (Mostly they threw things on the train table in the corner, as you will see from the pictures)

Last time, my kids reviewed the Munch on Brunch box. You can check out that review {HERE}.

Today we are reviewing the Awesomunch Box
Just a reminder- Munch of Fun is dedicated to providing kids with healthy alternatives to typical snack foods. Their products are healthy, travel ready, and kid friendly. Let's get started!
( I didn't have my camera with me today so I used the iPad. Sorry the pics aren't great!)

Chips and Dip
Specialty chips and hummus bean dip

The Kid- liked the chips, but not the dip
The Girl- liked them both!
The Boy- liked them both!
The Mommy- ate the rest of the Kid's chips and dip. :)
Seriously, that hummus is good!

Pear Crisps
The Kid was convinced they were apple crisps, and I didn't want to tell him any different before he ate them. As it turns out, it didn't make a difference!

The Kid- Loved them! He ate his and his sister's!
The Girl- thought they were OK, but willingly let her brother finish them
The Boy- Liked them

Chicken Jerky
When my Hubby takes the kids on baseball trips, he always gets the kids beef jerky sticks. I knew for sure these would be a hit.

The Kid- thought it was OK. 
His sensitive palate required some water after a few bites. :)
The Girl- LOVED it! She ate all of hers and the rest of the Kid's. 
She doesn't believe in having a sensitive palate. 
The Boy- Liked it. He finished all of his, with a glass of water.


Just look at this face. Can you feel the excitement?

 The Crew- LOVED IT!


The Crew- LOVED IT!

As a token of her appreciation, Kristen sent us some popcorn!! Whoop-whoop!
Thanks, Kristen!

The Kid- loved it! Gobbled it up!
The Girl- thought it was OK
The Boy- ate his and his sister's

 Thanks for joining in to another Munch of Fun product review! Check out the website and see about doing some taste tests of your own! (They are totally worth it!)

Thank you for the card, Kristen! It made the kids feel very important!

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